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Leverage YAP Media’s Growth System To Turbocharge Promotion And Monetization Efforts

End-To End Podcast Management

  • Leverage YAP’s expansive ad network & brand relationships

  • Creative sponsorship ideation, proposal development and pitching on your behalf to top tier brands

  • Commercial script and talk point support

  • Reporting & results tracking. Liaising with brands on your behalf.

  • Support from YAP Media creative and production teams for sponsored social content and branded podcast series

YAP Media Bundles

  • Empowered Women Bundle

  • Business and Entrepreneurship Bundle

  • Millennial Entrepreneurship Bundle

  • Career and Education Bundle


Podcast Activities Reference:

  • Conduct host read ads promoting brands and network podcast with provided scripts/talk points

  • Submit audio clips

  • Submit timestamps for insertion

  • Submit analytics

  • Add tracking pixels as required (YAP can provide directions/ support)

  • Maintain schedule of inventory so that YAP knows your show's availability